Is RV insurance required in Florida?

If you own a recreational vehicle in the state of Florida you will need to understand how to properly cover it. There are tons of FL residents who own their own recreational vehicle. May it be for retirement, vacationing, or even recreational use. In order to register your RV, you will need to at least carry the minimum amount of Florida RV insurance. Luckily, many companies can provide you this coverage easily. However, you will want to shop around first.

How much coverage is required?

The state of Florida requires RV owners to purchase at least a minimum of $10,000 PIP and a minimum of $10,000 of property damage liability. First let’s discuss personal injury protection, also known as PIP. PIP kicks in to cover you in the event of an accident no matter who is at fault. PIP will pay out for:

•    80% of medical expenses

•    60% of lost wages

•    Up to $5,000 death benefit

Property Damage Liability will be able to pay for damages to property owned by others. These damages are accidently caused by you or whoever is driving you RV at the time of the accident. For example, damages to fences, utility poles, buildings, and etc.

Additional FL RV coverage

Florida RV insurance according to offers many types of coverages. Always be sure to familiarize yourself with each one. Keep reading below to review each of these coverages.

•    Medical payments coverage, which will pay for any medical expenses.

•    Uninsured motorist coverage is used if you are injured by someone who doesn’t carry any insurance. It can pay for lost wages and a death benefit up to a certain limit.

•    Comprehensive coverage will pay for any damages that occur to your RV that is due from non-accident damages. For instance, theft, vandalism, and striking an animal is covered.

•    Collision coverage will pay for any damages occurred by a collision.

Sometimes you may find it necessary to purchase additional coverage. This is very smart, especially if you find gaps in your coverage. Just remember, its better to have more than enough coverage than not enough. Not having enough coverage can easily financially drain you. Do you want to spend your hard earned money on a RV then come to find out after an accident that you have to pay thousands out of pocket? That every RV’ers worst nightmare!

Florida RV insurance from is a must-have. If you are going to be packing up the family and heading out on the road, you will want to be covered with insurance. There are plenty of ways to shop online for a policy. In fact, you can save money by doing so. If you are looking for RV insurance in Florida be sure to collect a few quotes. It’s the only way to receive a policy that fits your budget.

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